Zucchini again

I have stomach issues and a sore throat and some fever as well, so I don’t really feel like eating (which is the sign of a serious illness because I’m aaaaaaaaalways hungry :P) but a zucchini is so neutral that I can eat it any time. My meal was a small/medium portion of pasta (spelt pasta coloured with spinach) and some zucchini. Nothing special. Ugly and boringly green but quick again. And I like it. It’s just semi-grilled zucchini with parsley on the pasta.




Fastest & ugliest zucchini and red lentils

It’s Sunday so I should have prepared a more complex meal but I’m ill so I don’t really want to spend too much time working. Because I don’t like cooking so spending time in the kitchen means working for me.

Yesterday, I bought some zucchini and carrots, so I steamed them and added some sesame seed to them, made some red lentil dip. Or something like that – cooked them and mixed them with two spoons of coconut milk, added some spices, and voliá, my meal is ready.

zucchini red lentils