That’s how I hit back

My week started perfectly, I found a yoga workshop that I totally wanted to participate. It was about yoga poses for digestive issues. I was extremely excited, I applied for the workshop, transferred the fees and everything. The yoga workshop supposed to be on Sunday. Saturday evening, at almost midnight, I received a message that the workshop is cancelled. I was hugely disappointed, okay, I was more than that, I was totally upset. I was talking about this workshop the whole week, how big a support it will be for me, a guidance, I could meet fellow dieters and yoga practicers. People with the same issues.

I was grumpy the whole day because I felt that nothing works for me. This week, some of my classes were cancelled (I’m a part-time teacher), two girlfriends cancelled our appointment so when the workshop I had paid for was also cancelled, I felt totally rejected. I know, I know, I should change my way of thinking… So my Sunday wasn’t the happiest day of my life but I wanted to start my week stronger. I decided to ask google for a help (I know, professional help would be good but… it’s better than nothing) and I started to search for yoga sequences for digestive issues. I collected many poses and printed the ones I liked. I build up my own yoga sequence that is good as a workout (oh, my butt, oh, my thighs) and can help with digestion, too. I found, twists are the best for digestive issues so I included them into my yoga workout today.

I don’t know if it was good for my digestion at all but it sure was good for my mood. So I don’t care 🙂 I’m satisfied with today’s workout, I’m happy that I don’t feel rejected today.

I did the first part of the sequence 4 times, I think, it was a bit fast paced, I sweated and I had elevated heart rate and enjoyed every minute of it. The whole thing took me about 45 minutes.


(unfortunately, food is not ideal today because I ate some leftovers from yesterday but… but I will make my healing kuzu tea in the afternoon. For the very first time)


Daily yoga and food

I’m trying with my diet but I struggle strongly. I don’t have enough will power. I feel week and I don’t think I will be able to do it without some support. I’m quite desperate nowadays.

The good news is that I feel much better now, no constant bloating (I mean, I’m bloated almost every day but I don’t wake up with a full bloated stomach in the morning), no constant stomach ache but I know I should really take my diet seriously. I can’t even complete a vegan diet, a macrobiotic one seems awfully far from me now 😦

Other good news is that I found the biggest trigger food in my life: dairy products. They cause instant stomach ache and bloating a bit later. And constipation. I tried lactose pills, which help a bit, but not perfect. So, first of all, I have to concentrate on eliminating the dairy products.

So far, I have only had ONE single day when I was almost animal-product-free. That’s a start, I guess…


Breakfast: dahl (red lentil soup)

Lunch: dahl that thickened to my surprise and carrot + oatmeal + sesame seed + phyllium husk mix PLUS my after lunch snack

Afternoon snack: wholemeal rolls with sugarfree jam

Dinner: semi-grilled vegetables with avocado cream (no picture, sorry, I totally forgot)

Aaaaaand, I also completed these two yoga videos which I enjoyed very much. It was good enjoyable to do and as an extra, I had sore muscles in my upper-back and butt on the following day. Suprising because I didn’t even feel the “butt workout experience” during the yoga session. This day was a good day, I hope, I can stay (or get on) the right track.

Yoga for the entrepreneur

I have just arrived home from my holiday, it wasn’t the best dietwise but it was good for relaxation and to push me to a new start. Honestly, I think, I have a burnout syndrome.

I have a main job. And I have a side job. Then I decided to work on my online business because I want to get rid of my main job. The result? Succes? Oh, no, not at all. Rather feeling overwhelmed, overworked, over everything. Adrenal fatigue and long-forgotten illnesses rising (insulin resistance, low-thyroid, hyperbloating). Not a good thing.

My me-time was the last thing I ever thought of… Right before leaving for Italy, I went to discuss my health issues with somebody and she shared a very eye-opening thought: Have you ever thought about that you have so many illnesses nowadays because your body realised that it’s the only time you take care of it?

Have you ever thought about that you have so many illnesses nowadays because your body realised that it’s the only time you take care of it?

And yes. She is right. Totally right. I don’t even have time (or desire) to my hobby. Which is not complicated, it’s just collecting cookbooks. Not very time-consuming. I always suggest everyone to go to a massage therapist but when was the last time I visited one? When was the last time I was in a group fitness class just for fun? Why haven’t I met my friends for weeks? Why am I too tired to go out?

Now is the time for the change. If my health is not okay, I cannot make my business work either. If I cannot make my business work, I will never be able to get rid of my main job and I will float in the stage of burnout.

I started my journey with diet and mental support, now I want to take my diet to the second level and do a full month of 100% macrobiotic diet with healing teas and herbs and everything. I also feel that my current workouts are not for me now. Somehow I don’t enjoy the workouts I usually do, they don’t energize me so I decided to do 30-dayay yoga challenge. My own challenge, I will follow youtube videos from different instructors. Nothing serious, but a commitment to myself (but I’m happy if someone joins me and we can motivate each other).

That’s me in Italy ❤ sunset, summertime, happiness 🙂


I usually have two 60-70 minutes long workout (dumbells, kettlebell, TRX, bodyweight training) and a Pilates class in a week but now, I want to do yoga every day. Nothing serious, just something that suits my awfully hectic entrepreneur lifestyle. I will have two longer yoga sessions and 10-15-20 minutes yoga on the other 5 days of the week. I hope it will help calm me down or at least, the change of my routine will start a change in my life. Now I feel I’m BORED with my job, my workouts, my food. Everything. And I hate that I don’t have time for the job I want to spend more time on, I don’t have time (and patience for shopping) to create food I like. I need a change.

Baby steps.

I won’t go for the spiritual part of yoga, that would be too harsh of a change. Vinyasa yoga, power yoga, yoga focusing on body parts, yoga for digestion. Yes, maybe these.

Yoga every day.

I promise myself that I will do yoga every day.


As an ease, today I did a power yoga session, it was just 30 minutes, it wasn’t the best workout of my life, it was too fast for a yoga, in my opinion. I’m still searching for a good yoga workout. Any recommendations?