Today I feel like shit

Yesterday was a terrible day, I felt like screaming, stomping like an angry toddler or crying. Without any reason. Nothing bad happened, I had a stressless day, it was a quite easy day at work, but this feeling was killing me. And it’s not even PMS time. And I usually don’t have PMS like this. I didn’t understand what I felt and why I felt. Anyway, yesterday was shit as hell but I was proud of myself because I didn’t cheat on my food (except for the breakfast but it’s not a real cheating because I ate some bread but without the allergens), but I had a serious bloating in the afternoon. And in the evening. Like a 6-month-pregnant type of bloating. I don’t understand this shit that is happening to me.

Anyway, I tried my home remedies (yoga-style moves, self-massage, homeopathic pills) but nothing helped. However, I was confident that the morning would bring some relief. How wrong I was 😦

I woke up with a huge bloating. And I don’t even know why. That’s what buggers me the most. Anyway, today I have a lazy morning so I decided to start implementing the macrobiotic suggestions to my life and start a day with a soup. No cereals, no sandwiches, no omelette (okay, I hate omelette, but it’s a typical breakfast here), no oatmeals, but some warm soup.

Not perfectly macrobiotic because I used the vegetables I found in my freezer and the vegetable mix contains some veggies I should avoid according to the macrobiotic diet. But it’s vegan, it’s a soup, it’s warm.


Finally, I made a proper portion of soup! I always end up useless amount of leftover that I usually throw away after it turns sour in the fridge, bloeee. So, it’s something 🙂