Food journal 18 October

I realised that I eat like crap. I eat the same food every day. Not the best quality.

My bread wasn’t gluten free and it caused a slight bloating but I guess it’s because of the soy because my boyfriend bought it on his way home and he didn’t check for soy. I ate an additional bar of chocolate (small portion, vegan) and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. The cider… well, I started to work at 8 p.m. (after teaching several classes) and I was like “fuck diet” and I haven’t been too good at writing recently so it cannot make my writing worse 😛

These past few days were good to establish the desire to make other changes in my diet (getting rid of sugar and junk food, for example) and to recognise some trigger foods.


Food journal 17 October



diet friendly? YES (according to the new rules)

symptoms: nothing


brown rice pasta, vegetable mix, bacon + chocolate

diet friendly? YES (gluten-free and dairy-free)

Afternoon snack

something I bought on my way, bleh, I shouldn’t have… Not gluten-free, it turned out to be not dairy-free and 1000000% junk food. At least not full portion, just half.

symptoms: a bit of an excess gas but not painful bloating



diet friendly: YES

symptoms: nothing yet


Food Journal 14th October


Kornspitz with vegan sandwich cream (spelt – I don’t even understand why it’s in a cream, pumpkin seed) which I will never buy again (I have one more variation because it was on sale), it includes 23-25% soy. I don’t know why.

Diet-friendly? NO, it includes wheat and gluten

Symptoms: nothing



spelt pasta (coloured with spinach) and tuna + chocolate

diet-friendly? NO, it has gluten

symptoms: nothing (if you don’t count hunger because it wasn’t the biggest portion ever so I became hungry quite soon)


Afternoon snack

Kornspitz with extremely unhealthy “plastic” margarine and sugar free jam.

I really miss butter. I tried this butter substitute but I won’t eat it again. Ever again, I think. Its taste is nothing like butter’s and I could almost feel the plastic in it. Okay, I’m exaggerating but it wasn’t good.

diet-friendly? NO, it contained wheat and gluten

symptoms: nothing



Spelt pasta with pea, corn and leftover zucchini, added some oat milk and some nutritional yeast. Yummy. Okay, not very gourmet stuff but it was close to acceptable 😀

diet-friendly? NO, it contained gluten

symptoms: nothing, so far (1-hour post-dinner)



Diet goals and food journal for 13th October

Okay, if I want to be honest, I won’t be able to do a strict diet. So I (okay, we) decided to go with an acceptable level of restrictions.

My diet rules:

  • avoid dairy products (no, lactose-free dairy products or adding lactose enzyme is not acceptable)
  • avoid wheat (gluten-free is not necessary, but many gluten-free products with wheat protein are not okay)
  • decrease animal products (3-4 times a week is acceptable but the more plant-based the better)
  • avoid low-quality sausages (like today’s breakfast and dinner :S), when I eat cold cuts, it should be high-quality ham or English bacon, or bacon once in a while
  • decrease sugar
  • at least 70% complex carbs, maximum 30% simple carbs (yes, I really should start cooking and baking…)



diet compliant? NO (wheat in roll)

symptoms: nothing



diet compliant? YES (except for the chocolate but I have eaten it several times without problems)

symptoms: bloating a few hours later – I realised that I had problems with paprika and some spices of the vegetable mix. I couldn’t digest it, I could feel the taste of the vegetable mix hours after the meal. I shouldn’t eat this kind of mix. I had uncomfortable feelings after lunch so I didn’t have an afternoon snack which is unusual from me.



diet compliant? NO (wheat in bread)

symptoms: nothing

Snack: one table spoon of peanut butter in the morning as morning snack and the same after dinner