My kitchen’s laundry day

What is the food equilent of lanudry day? You know, when you don’t have any clean clothes and you have to were the ugliest jumpers all day? Well, today is this day in my kitchen. My fridge is empty, I don’t have any fresh vegetables or fruits at home, only some dry stuff in the kitchen storage and frozen veggies. So, this is what I have eaten today.

Breakfast: millet, chia seeds, sour cherry jam and apple chips


Well, I totally forgot that I wanted to cook the millet with rice milk… it’s made with water and cinnamon.

Lunch: mushroom, carrots and miso with pasta


I got inspired by yesterday’s research and decided to try miso for the first time. It was quite okay but everybody said that it’s very salty so I didn’t add any salt or other spices to the vegetables so it lacked the salty taste. I put some garlic and miso (mixed with some water to make it easier to dissolve) on the carrot-mushroom mix after a few minutes, then mixed with the pasta and finally gave some sesame seeds. Just for fun.



Daily yoga and food

I’m trying with my diet but I struggle strongly. I don’t have enough will power. I feel week and I don’t think I will be able to do it without some support. I’m quite desperate nowadays.

The good news is that I feel much better now, no constant bloating (I mean, I’m bloated almost every day but I don’t wake up with a full bloated stomach in the morning), no constant stomach ache but I know I should really take my diet seriously. I can’t even complete a vegan diet, a macrobiotic one seems awfully far from me now 😦

Other good news is that I found the biggest trigger food in my life: dairy products. They cause instant stomach ache and bloating a bit later. And constipation. I tried lactose pills, which help a bit, but not perfect. So, first of all, I have to concentrate on eliminating the dairy products.

So far, I have only had ONE single day when I was almost animal-product-free. That’s a start, I guess…


Breakfast: dahl (red lentil soup)

Lunch: dahl that thickened to my surprise and carrot + oatmeal + sesame seed + phyllium husk mix PLUS my after lunch snack

Afternoon snack: wholemeal rolls with sugarfree jam

Dinner: semi-grilled vegetables with avocado cream (no picture, sorry, I totally forgot)

Aaaaaand, I also completed these two yoga videos which I enjoyed very much. It was good enjoyable to do and as an extra, I had sore muscles in my upper-back and butt on the following day. Suprising because I didn’t even feel the “butt workout experience” during the yoga session. This day was a good day, I hope, I can stay (or get on) the right track.