Macro Kitchen Essentials

My kitchen’s essentials – not for everyone, especially for me, because I left out the things towards I have an intolerance or not willing to do (like buying a fancy-expensive fruit juicer).

The basic ingredients, vegetables, beans and others are listed in my old blogpostblogpost. These are the things that are above the basic food elements.

Good quality condiments:

  • organic Tamari/Shoyu Sauce
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • cold-pressed sesame oil
  • organic herbs and spices (basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano, savory)
  • brown-rice miso
  • umeboshi vinegar
  • mirin (rice wine)
  • brown-rice vinegar
  • brown-rice syrup

Teas and sea-treasures

  • bancha tea
  • kukicha tea
  • kuzu tea
  • ume-kuzu tea (okay, not an ingredient but basic drink for me)
  • kombu
  • nori (sheets)
  • wakame

Kitchen equipment

  • pressure cooker
  • salad press
  • stone mortar (grinding bowl)
  • wok or any kind of cast iron skillet
  • grater (mostly for ginger but who knows….) – porcelain is better than metal 😉