I’m Mike, a thirtysomething urban girl, struggling with some health issues. Nothing serious but unpleasant sympthoms┬áthat feel like hell sometimes. Dieting would be the solution to all my problems but I lack self-control and will-power. But I’m trying. I have already seeked for help so I guess, I’m on the right way.

Health issues I want to get rid of:

  • bloating
  • bloating as hell
  • have I mentioned awful bloating – I mean, I have been asked if I’m pregnant several times
  • insulinresistence
  • low tyroid levels
  • fibroids
  • fucking fibroids that won’t go away

A few years back, the vegan diet helped me shrink my fibroids, but one of them is a survivor and refuses to go away. I have been experimenting with my eating habits for a while now, met several dietians and nutritionists, and finally, I have learned my lessons and realised that the mostly plant based diet is what works for me the best.

Now, I’m trying to solve my health issues with the macrobiotic diet. In the beginning, I will be strict to myself, then I will ease back to a 90% vegan diet. I guess… If not, I will update┬áthis page.