Food journal 15-16 October



Bun with seeds, unhealthy salami (one day I can get rid of this, I believe), ham, tomato

diet friendly? NO, not gluten-free but dairy-free (I was proud of myself that I resisted the temptation and didn’t eat butter)

symptoms: nothing



gyros, no photo – I asked without onions and yoghurt sauce (I cannot digest raw onion and have stomach ache) + I bar of chocolate (I bought a new type of chocolate, totally dairy free – it was quite tasty).

diet friendly? NO, it contained gluten

symptoms: nothing immediately but a few hours later I had a strange feeling, as if I had bubbles and lots of water in my stomach (without drinking too much) – I think it was because of the spices and the high fat in the gyros (or that stupid cabbage)


wholemeal bun with seeds, ham, tomato

dessert: home-made sacher-like cake and apricot jam. It was terrible 😦 I did this cake last week but I burned it (I have a very bad oven) but I tried to make it this week again, in a smaller portion, I was happy, it didn’t get burnt, I was happy, until I smelled it. It smelled like spicy meat. I didn’t have margarine at home so I used vegetable oil instead (as the original recipe suggested) but it was awful. I almost cried when I tasted it, it was a huge failure again. I ate some extra chocolate after dinner just to kill my bad mood.

Post dinner – I tasted my boyfriend’s dessert that contained cream – I experienced some ab distension in about 30 minutes and a slight bloating




same as on Saturday


junk food at its finest (not). We went to the cinema and had to eat something quickly because we got into a huge traffic jam so we were late. Steak potato, chicken breast (deep fried).

diet friendly? NO – deep fried, contained gluten, no healthy ingredient but at least it was tasty AF finally

symptoms: nothing



same as Saturday but instead of the awful cake I ate chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Lots. I didn’t eat it at once so I don’t know exactly how much, but a lot, I think it was at least 70-80 g.

diet friendly? NO, dinner contained gluten and the chocolate wasn’t diary-free

symptoms: slight bloating but nothing serious

I think I should redefine my diet regulations, aims because the more I think, the more obvious that my trigger food is milk and not gluten. I should decrease the amount of gluten that’s for sure but gluten is not my main enemy.


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