Food Journal 14th October


Kornspitz with vegan sandwich cream (spelt – I don’t even understand why it’s in a cream, pumpkin seed) which I will never buy again (I have one more variation because it was on sale), it includes 23-25% soy. I don’t know why.

Diet-friendly? NO, it includes wheat and gluten

Symptoms: nothing



spelt pasta (coloured with spinach) and tuna + chocolate

diet-friendly? NO, it has gluten

symptoms: nothing (if you don’t count hunger because it wasn’t the biggest portion ever so I became hungry quite soon)


Afternoon snack

Kornspitz with extremely unhealthy “plastic” margarine and sugar free jam.

I really miss butter. I tried this butter substitute but I won’t eat it again. Ever again, I think. Its taste is nothing like butter’s and I could almost feel the plastic in it. Okay, I’m exaggerating but it wasn’t good.

diet-friendly? NO, it contained wheat and gluten

symptoms: nothing



Spelt pasta with pea, corn and leftover zucchini, added some oat milk and some nutritional yeast. Yummy. Okay, not very gourmet stuff but it was close to acceptable 😀

diet-friendly? NO, it contained gluten

symptoms: nothing, so far (1-hour post-dinner)




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