Diet goals and food journal for 13th October

Okay, if I want to be honest, I won’t be able to do a strict diet. So I (okay, we) decided to go with an acceptable level of restrictions.

My diet rules:

  • avoid dairy products (no, lactose-free dairy products or adding lactose enzyme is not acceptable)
  • avoid wheat (gluten-free is not necessary, but many gluten-free products with wheat protein are not okay)
  • decrease animal products (3-4 times a week is acceptable but the more plant-based the better)
  • avoid low-quality sausages (like today’s breakfast and dinner :S), when I eat cold cuts, it should be high-quality ham or English bacon, or bacon once in a while
  • decrease sugar
  • at least 70% complex carbs, maximum 30% simple carbs (yes, I really should start cooking and baking…)



diet compliant? NO (wheat in roll)

symptoms: nothing



diet compliant? YES (except for the chocolate but I have eaten it several times without problems)

symptoms: bloating a few hours later – I realised that I had problems with paprika and some spices of the vegetable mix. I couldn’t digest it, I could feel the taste of the vegetable mix hours after the meal. I shouldn’t eat this kind of mix. I had uncomfortable feelings after lunch so I didn’t have an afternoon snack which is unusual from me.



diet compliant? NO (wheat in bread)

symptoms: nothing

Snack: one table spoon of peanut butter in the morning as morning snack and the same after dinner



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