That’s how I hit back

My week started perfectly, I found a yoga workshop that I totally wanted to participate. It was about yoga poses for digestive issues. I was extremely excited, I applied for the workshop, transferred the fees and everything. The yoga workshop supposed to be on Sunday. Saturday evening, at almost midnight, I received a message that the workshop is cancelled. I was hugely disappointed, okay, I was more than that, I was totally upset. I was talking about this workshop the whole week, how big a support it will be for me, a guidance, I could meet fellow dieters and yoga practicers. People with the same issues.

I was grumpy the whole day because I felt that nothing works for me. This week, some of my classes were cancelled (I’m a part-time teacher), two girlfriends cancelled our appointment so when the workshop I had paid for was also cancelled, I felt totally rejected. I know, I know, I should change my way of thinking… So my Sunday wasn’t the happiest day of my life but I wanted to start my week stronger. I decided to ask google for a help (I know, professional help would be good but… it’s better than nothing) and I started to search for yoga sequences for digestive issues. I collected many poses and printed the ones I liked. I build up my own yoga sequence that is good as a workout (oh, my butt, oh, my thighs) and can help with digestion, too. I found, twists are the best for digestive issues so I included them into my yoga workout today.

I don’t know if it was good for my digestion at all but it sure was good for my mood. So I don’t care 🙂 I’m satisfied with today’s workout, I’m happy that I don’t feel rejected today.

I did the first part of the sequence 4 times, I think, it was a bit fast paced, I sweated and I had elevated heart rate and enjoyed every minute of it. The whole thing took me about 45 minutes.


(unfortunately, food is not ideal today because I ate some leftovers from yesterday but… but I will make my healing kuzu tea in the afternoon. For the very first time)


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