Daily yoga and food

I’m trying with my diet but I struggle strongly. I don’t have enough will power. I feel week and I don’t think I will be able to do it without some support. I’m quite desperate nowadays.

The good news is that I feel much better now, no constant bloating (I mean, I’m bloated almost every day but I don’t wake up with a full bloated stomach in the morning), no constant stomach ache but I know I should really take my diet seriously. I can’t even complete a vegan diet, a macrobiotic one seems awfully far from me now 😦

Other good news is that I found the biggest trigger food in my life: dairy products. They cause instant stomach ache and bloating a bit later. And constipation. I tried lactose pills, which help a bit, but not perfect. So, first of all, I have to concentrate on eliminating the dairy products.

So far, I have only had ONE single day when I was almost animal-product-free. That’s a start, I guess…


Breakfast: dahl (red lentil soup)

Lunch: dahl that thickened to my surprise and carrot + oatmeal + sesame seed + phyllium husk mix PLUS my after lunch snack

Afternoon snack: wholemeal rolls with sugarfree jam

Dinner: semi-grilled vegetables with avocado cream (no picture, sorry, I totally forgot)

Aaaaaand, I also completed these two yoga videos which I enjoyed very much. It was good enjoyable to do and as an extra, I had sore muscles in my upper-back and butt on the following day. Suprising because I didn’t even feel the “butt workout experience” during the yoga session. This day was a good day, I hope, I can stay (or get on) the right track.


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