Umeboshi the unknown fruit

According to my google search, umeboshi plums have been used for centuries in Asia, although I have never heard of it before my nutritionist mentioned. I live in Europe, brought up on a westernised diet (however, I consider myself lucky because my mom has always been on the healthier side of cooking), these Asian ingredients are quite far from me. But luckily, when I had my consultation with my nutritionist she offered to taste it, and I quite liked it. I tasted the umeboshi vinegar and although it’s extremely sour, I don’t think it would be a problem to insert into my diet.

Health benefits of umeboshi:

  • amazingly alkalizing food
  • they are created via lactic fermentation process so umeboshi has all the positive effect of any other fermented food
  • fights infection
  • can fight fatigue
  • can fight nausea
  • it’s high in iron, which is important for stress reduction and immune function
  • helps with indigestion (hello, here I’m am, pick me, pick me!)
  • helps the body get rid of toxins

How can I use umeboshi if not eating the fruit “barefoot”?

  • creating a healing tea for digestive issues (as I was suggested to drink an ume-kuzu tea once a day for a month to help kick the ass of this constant bloating)
  • it’s salty and sour so it can be used with rice dishes
  • can be drunk with green tea
  • as a salt substitute
  • for adding flavour when preparing grains & vegetables
  • having one on an empty stomach stimulates digestion for the day
  • umeboshi vinegar is a perfect seasoning (salty, sour & fruity taste)
  • sprinkle steamed vegetables with the vinegar
  • added to dark leafy greens (kale mostly) to boost the mineraly goodness 🙂


umeboshi vegetables with tahini dip
Umeboshi roasted vegetables with tahini dip


Umeboshi plum is said to have been used by the samurai to keep up their stamina, fight fatigue, and help heal between battles. I’m not a samurai at all, but sometimes I feel I have to fight through the stressful days so I guess it would be a good ingredient for me 😉 I have found many mentions as a cure for hangover which I never have because I rarely drink alcohol but it’s good to know.

I’m curious if it can really help with nausea and exhaustion for me because my symptoms are because of my insulin resistance. When I don’t follow my diet properly, I always end up with constant nausea and tiredness. First of all, I’m planning to follow the diet this time but I’m really curious about the effects.

The alkalizing effect is also very positive for me because having an acid environment can kill the hormone system and I have struggles with hormones: insulin and thyroid are my weakest points. Furthermore, the more I read about the alternative remedies for fibroids, the more experts I find that suggest that the alkaline diet can fight fibroids (and I have already gained some results with a semi-alkaline vegan diet).

It’s available in the form of the fruit itself, puree and vinegar:



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