Easing into the new life

I have received the meal plan from my nutritionist, it’s very detailed, not too problematic to prepare the food, I was very happy with the whole thing. However, I realised that during my vacation, I won’t be able to do everything that is suggested in the macrobiotic diet.

As part of the diet, I should avoid using frozen food and unfortunately, my freezer is totally full, I have just bought frozen berries, spinach (which should be avoided in my first months of the diet even in fresh version), broccoli and vegetable mixes. I don’t really want to get rid of this huge amount of food, so I decided to start with a vegan diet in the first month. I will be on holiday for three days in August, then I will spend a whole week abroad, in different cities and I don’t really think that I can follow my strict diet there. Especially because I’m in still at stage zero, where I have no idea how to do anything with this macrobiotic diet.

I know, I start with compromises right in the beginning but  I don’t think it would be realistic to expect I can do everything 100% during my vacation. However, I’m optimistic that I can follow a vegan diet even while on the road between two cities in the middle of Italy. And, this is the first time I will visit that awesome country.



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