My story

I’m the girl who always struggles with some problems, however, a few years ago my diet turned okay, I kept my weight, I was satisfied with my approach to diet, 80% healthy, 20% freedom so when I went out with friends, I didn’t make a fuss about what I ate. It was perfect.

Then life came, huge stress, I started to fuck up my diet whenever I was stressed, because of the stress at university, at my workplace and taking care of a permanently ill grandmother (luckily, not alone but the whole family became overly stressed and it wasn’t the best time of our lives), I started to develop health issues and my weight wasn’t the most important problem in my life.

I have always had issues with my digestive system but only minor ones (except one illness after which I became a bit more sensitive to everything), however, in the past year (or year and a half?) these minor problems became permanent and caused daily struggles. Extreme bloating (I can be the winner in a 6-month-pregnant look-alike competition), stomach ache, dry and red skin. Never perfect, never pain-free.

I discovered in 2009 that I have uterine fibroids which didn’t cause any problems (except one time but it was in connection with another gynaecological issues), but I started to find alternative methods to get rid of them.

In about 2008 or 2009, I was diagnosed with insulin resistance.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with low thyroid.

In the past few years, I was experimenting with several diets and alternative methods to cure my problems. Some helped, others just confused me. Because of this huge information overload, I started to feel overwhelmed and often fell into the “fuck this shit” phase and didn’t care about what I should or shouldn’t eat. Too much info can cause as much harm as too little. I was like “oh, according to XY, I can’t eat this” and “according to Z, I can’t eat that either” and I felt that everything is harmful to me, I should only eat light but because of that fucking hole in the ozone layer, that wouldn’t work, either. I felt, that if everything is harmful, I should at least eat stuff I like.

I tell you, this approach isn’t very effective for getting better.

Above all this, I acquired a very nice eating disorder. I started to eat things that were harmful to me (even on paper, I mean, tests results showed that I’m oversensitive to an ingredient and I kept eating it) whenever I was stressed.

For a while, I pretended that there’s no problem with my life.

For a while, I pretended that I can solve my problems alone.

For a while, I believed that I can’t get out of this situation without help but I didn’t know where to seek help.

For a while, I got help, but not the kind of help I needed.

And here I am now, I believe, this is a new start, I found the people who can help me and with their help I can get better.

I found a doctor (doctor-doctor and naturopathist mix) who helped with my physical symptoms and motivated me to find other methods.

I found a person, a coach, a psychologist, a person who works with Bach flower remedies AND always asks the good questions to work on my eating problems.

It has been a few months since I’m working on my issues with them and now, only now, I feel that I can follow a diet that can cure my problems. So, after spending awful amount of time with Google, listened and read reviews and experience with different methods (and after having experience what doesn’t work for me), I started to feel, I should try macrobiotics.

And Friday was the day when I had a consultation with the macrobiotics nutritionist and now I feel that it can really help all my problems. I’m planning to have a strict 3 months period and that I will see, what I can do. But I think the mostly plant-based diet is what can work for me. Especially because in the past few months, I didn’t really crave for meat – except for the real hamburgers and some pizza.

We’ll see, we’ll see…



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